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Improving the Application Process

March 4, 2021
How we treat applicants who apply for our rental properties will have an impact to our reputation in the local community. Weather we accept them a…

Understanding Landlord Trust Accounts

February 24, 2021
In a modern workplace it is not uncommon to see an organisation to discuss their diversity of individuals in the team. Diversity gives an organisa…

What are you sending to your database?

February 17, 2021
They say you use 10% of your brain, and I always wonder how amazing it would be to use 11%, or 12%. How much more productive would I be by finding…

The Exit Strategy

February 10, 2021
While onboarding and performance management of employees is often an area that gets the most attention, the process of offboarding a team member i…

Steps to Success

February 4, 2021
Why is it that some people seem to hit every goal they set, whilst others fail half way through or never even make it out of the starting gate? Wo…

Onboarding New Team Members

January 27, 2021
Starting any new role can be an exciting and daunting experience for any new recruit, no matter how young, old or their level of experience. Re…

Refresh Skills

January 20, 2021
Whether you’re a new starter or veteran to the Real Estate industry, you will quickly see there is a vast array of skill sets required to be succe…

Attracting and Retaining your Team Talent

January 13, 2021
As the landscape continues to shift in the workplace, it’s important that we constantly review our approach to staff attraction and retention. As …

2020 Lessons

December 9, 2020
Charles Darwin said it best in, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change”. Over 2…

Planning for 2021

December 2, 2020
As we approach the end of an enormous year, it is a great time to review your personal professional development plan. Such as the old saying goes,…

National Growth Insights – Case Studies of Success

November 25, 2020
Isn’t the desert amazing? Each time I look at an image of the Nevada, or the Great Australian Outback, I am astounded to see that amongst the vast…

Maximising the Client Experience

November 11, 2020
If you were to consider your onboarding process and inducting your new Tenants into your community, would you say that it is a smooth transition? …
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