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National Growth Insights – Case Studies of Success

Nov 25, 2020

Isn’t the desert amazing? Each time I look at an image of the Nevada, or the Great Australian Outback, I am astounded to see that amongst the vastness remains life. Despite the harshest of conditions, we find floral and fauna.

Mother nature has an incredible way of adapting life to suit its surroundings, ensuring that the ecosystem not just survives but continues to thrive, in what we would otherwise thing uninhabitable conditions.

It would be fair to describe 2020 as a harsh year, a period of time when each of us has experienced our own sense of living in a hostile environment, it may have even felt like a desert? Perhaps you are amongst those that adapted to suit the new environment to muddle through, there are some who seem to have remodelled their ecosystem to not just survive, but like the cactus thrive in their new world. I know this to be the case for many of the businesses with whom we work, particularly their BDM’s, did they ever have an option not to?

Over Q1, as we reviewed the work and results of the year that was, and set the plans in place for the year ahead, I was met with real life examples of how harnessing the basics, maintaining consistency, and adapting systems, process and story in New Business Divisions resulted in achievements not too far of the original plans for 2020 set way back in our old world of January, that time before CoVid.

What I discovered provides a great message to every business and BDM interested in creating a robust approach to consistent growth, even in a desert.

Check out this weeks webinar to hear all about it.


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