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What are you sending to your database?

Feb 17, 2021

They say you use 10% of your brain, and I always wonder how amazing it would be to use 11%, or 12%. How much more productive would I be by finding more efficiency with the resources I have available now?

In many agencies, it is often common too, the software tools are not utilised to their full capacity. Luckily unlike our brain we can talk to the designers of our resources to understand which elements we aren’t utilising to their fullest extent. There are possibly tasks which are currently being completed in a process because it’s the way it’s always been done, which could be streamlined with your software.

Successful BDM’s will collect and collate clients contact details in their database. Unless you are communicating frequently and consistently with these potential customers it will become an under-utilised resource.

Similar as bloggers have bloggers block, I see BDMs struggling to think of and create content for their newsletters on a regular basis. Often some of the conversations you have in the office can seem simple and basic to you as you live and breath Real Estate constantly. These conversations turned into a short message and sent on a regular basis can be one element (of hopefully many) you use to stay in touch with your customer base.


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