Lease Breaks

November 8, 2021
The lease break process can at times prove a challenging process for all parties involved. It is important to be well equipped to guide both the L…

10 points to consider when handling complaints in Property Management

November 4, 2021
1. Speed The speed of us responding to a complaint is vital. For every minute we are waiting to respond to a complaint, the individual could be…

How long should a Condition Report take?

September 1, 2021
One of the most common questions we are asked by clients is how long should a condition report take me? Whilst this is simply a great question, th…

Property Safety

August 25, 2021
As the course of Property Management moves forward, legislation and compliance around Property Safety are constantly moving targets. It is essenti…


August 19, 2021
We all know that maintenance can take up so much of your time, so why is it necessary? Homeowners have an asset that is to appreciate, and with…

Are your rent reviews offering value?

August 17, 2021
With the role to manage the properties for your homeowners, we want to ensure that we fulfill the requirements and expectations set from the initi…

Become an arrears expert

August 11, 2021
Knowing your arrears, how many tenants you have in arrears, and the total value of your arrears can be a crucial part of your portfolio management.

Make your Advertising Standout

July 22, 2021
What makes your advertising stand out. Standardised advertising enables consistency for your brand. Signboards, letterbox drops all have consi…

Minimising EOFY Stress – Trust account housekeeping

June 24, 2021
As your are preparing for the close of the financial year, its time to run through your checklists to ensure that you have your preparation comple…

Fraud in Property Management

June 2, 2021
When the topic of fraud in Property Management comes up, I am instantly reminded of the times I have seen this occur in an agency and feel the pai…

Reduce Lost Managements

May 28, 2021
As we visit many Real Estate offices something we regularly review, especially in the Property Management side of the business are hundreds of sys…

Walking in the shoes of your tenants

May 19, 2021
Walking in the shoes of your tenants When was the last time you took a look at your process from a tenants point of view? We find many agencies…
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