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2020 Lessons

Dec 9, 2020

Charles Darwin said it best in, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change”. Over 2020 Property Management businesses across the country (and world) have been forced to adapt to change. Some of this change was frustrating in the form of restricted ability to physically show property and serve our clients. However, the majority of this change has been embraced in hindsight.

We have seen businesses who have been forced into using technology to operate including; cloud based systems, video conferencing, assisted inspection processes. From this over 2020 many have been able to see the benefits of having their team members be flexible in their work location. We noticed this year businesses who took on new technology did so primarily from a particular requirement rather than following the pack on a trend or being impressed by the latest shinny new toy shown at a conference.

Property Managers who rapidly adjusted their processes to be compliant to new legislation as a result of the changing landscape were able to provide a greater amount of value to their clients through their support, knowledge, guidance, and leadership. With this, over the last 9 months, Property Managers have had a greater ability to show their true value to Landlords and Tenants, as disputes grew and the skill set of problem solving became vital.

With all this speed of change, the pressure put upon Property Managers also grew at a similar speed. The way businesses embrace the importance of the mental health of their Property Managers was directly linked to the service that business was able to provide to clients. This is now constantly being seen more as a requirement for businesses to review and take notice of, rather than an after thought when staff turnover transpires.

Recently Fiona, Heidi, and Joshua came together to discuss the events of 2020 and lessons taken over the course of the year. To watch the replay, head over to


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