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Minimising EOFY Stress – Trust account housekeeping

June 24, 2021
As your are preparing for the close of the financial year, its time to run through your checklists to ensure that you have your preparation comple…

Fraud in Property Management

June 2, 2021
When the topic of fraud in Property Management comes up, I am instantly reminded of the times I have seen this occur in an agency and feel the pai…

Reduce Lost Managements

May 28, 2021
As we visit many Real Estate offices something we regularly review, especially in the Property Management side of the business are hundreds of sys…

Walking in the shoes of your tenants

May 19, 2021
Walking in the shoes of your tenants When was the last time you took a look at your process from a tenants point of view? We find many agencies…

Onboarding New Clients – Starting out the Landlord relationship can make your life easier or harder

May 12, 2021
5 Easy elements to make a client feel special When a new client comes to you, they want to ensure they are being looked after. If they don’t fe…

Paperless Inspections – it makes sense

May 5, 2021
During the past year of challenges, some changes may have been pushed upon us. Whether we took it in our stride or found it challenging, some chan…

What’s the Impact of a First Impression

April 28, 2021
Swipe Left or Right? Run fast through a dimly lit carpark? Locked eyes with an interesting stranger across a room? First impressions are alive and…

Protecting your Fees

April 21, 2021
Why do your customers pay you anything? It is important to have multiple answers to this. One very simple, and one very detailed. To start with…

Growth through Referrals

April 16, 2021
5 ways to improve your use of reviews in Property Management. If you want to improve your presence in the market, utilising online reviews can …

Kickstart your Career in Property Management

April 14, 2021
When you’re in an interview for a Property Management role, “they” tell you (whoever they are anyway?) that you should never say “I love houses” a…

Help your strata investors put more back in their pockets

March 26, 2021
Years ago, strata properties bore the stigma of being simply overcrowded, mass-produced unit blocks. How times have changed. Duplexes, townhouses …

10 Tips for Improving your Time Management

March 12, 2021
1. Focus on Things That Matter Getting things done during the workday shouldn’t be all about trying to get done as much as you can in an eight …
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