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Refresh Skills

Jan 20, 2021

Whether you’re a new starter or veteran to the Real Estate industry, you will quickly see there is a vast array of skill sets required to be successful in Real Estate. Of course as we sadly know, knowledge fades over time. Our brains can sometimes be better at dumping information we don’t need, compared to compartmentalising and categorising these useful facts we acquire. One of the best ways we have of showing our brain which information is still useful, is by using it! One can easily think of the amount of knowledge you have forgotten from school, which isn’t necessarily complicated, and could be useful.

What this means for our teams and ourselves is that most of us need a review of important concepts, and our fundamental skills from time to time. And this is where refresher learning sessions come in.

When we do this in a team environment, we have a number of additional benefits (apart from strengthening your own skill set) including; Team bonding, long-term memory improvement, reducing mistakes, building efficiency, creates consistency, and it can create discussions on the way we do things now, can it be done a better way?

That’s why it’s important to start with a strong “why.” Give your team members a good reason as to why you want to refresh some skills, and they’ll be more committed. And if they understand the reasoning and are enthusiastic about the course, they’ll be more successful in taking it as well.


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