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Zero to Hero – How to onboard a new BD

I am often called into a business to coach a recently recruited Business Development team member.

Whilst there is certainly a framework of items that need to be ticked off the list for any recruit in their first three months, the individual program should be tailored to suit both the business and the individual.

Here are some crucial things to consider if you are looking to on-board a BD in your office, or if you are the New BD:

  1. Assess the overall knowledge of the BD in relation to grass roots property management. To sell a PM service, a thorough of understanding of Property Management is crucial.
  2. Once you are confident the BD understands PM, they then need to understand how and what is delivered to your clients by your PM team. The most important aspect is gaining an understanding of the benefits you provide to your clients in every aspect of what you do.
  3. Becoming the “Market” expert. Your BD needs to understand local market stats, trends and key talking points that effect rental property in the area. It is also important to be able to demonstrate the success of your team above these market averages.
  4. A BD role is essentially a “Sales” role within PM, crafting a skilled and thorough Listing Pitch is a key ingredient to success – always be learning, training and improving skills around selling the service & closing deals.
  5. Consider the initial targets and build in some lead in time. What represents a realistic target for months 1, 2 & 3 will be determined by recent business growth and the new BD’s experience & skill level. Setting unrealistic targets for the first quarter in the business is often a de-motivator, so make sure a realistic target is set.

The above just skim the surface of how to best position a new BD for success in any organisation. If you would like a tailored training plan to suit your business, get in touch with the Real+ New Business team today

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