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Why should a customer choose you?

Knowing your companies value proposition and being able to clearly articulate this at any time is invaluable to the growth of your portfolios.

A quick spot check around the office in the way of a tap on the shoulder of your peers to ask them “what is our point of difference” – could lead to some interesting discussions.

The importance of the answer to this question is the difference between positioning services or outcomes.  Your customers will connect faster and with emotion to outcomes that they can relate to.

Each existing or prospective landlord will connect with their finances being managed efficiently, meaning on time and clearly explained, they will connect with a reliable turn around on potential vacant properties, they will value a commitment to regular communication, they will appreciate clear instructions on how to self serve when required.

In turn tenants, will value a clear service level agreement to managing maintenance requests, they will also appreciate clear instructions on the best way to communicate or escalate any concerns, details around managing inspection times and that their rights as a tenant and an occupant in their home will be respected

If you are equipped with data, proof and clear scripting that relates to proven outcomes around these points you will be able to gain trust based on fact and proven delivery.

Standing out from the crowd is important today more than ever so commit to finding out your business value propositions so that anytime someone asks you are able to stand tall and promote your point of difference and why someone should choose to trust their property with you.

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