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Why is Workplace Training Essestial?

Jul 14, 2016

Workplace training and development programs provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to expand the skill sets of all employees and increase the competitive edge of your business. The increasingly busy nature of real estate means that training is often noted down on the to-do list but never actioned. Taking the time to implement a learning and development program for your business can have an array of long-term benefits that make the monetary and time costs worthwhile.
Competitive edge
Implementing a structured learning and development program ensures your employees have a consistent level of training to perform their roles. Providing all staff with the same training experience will align their expectations and the procedures within the company. Consistent customer service can elevate your business and reputation. Ensuring all employees offer a consistent service to your clients can significantly increase your overall business performance.
Raises morale and employee satisfaction
Employees are the foundation of any business and without them, your business would simply cease to exist. Creating a positive workplace culture based on education and personal development will help foster a productive business environment. Employees who are engaged and feel appreciated within their workplace will not only feel greater satisfaction towards their role but are likely to invest time and energy into the business. Investing in training has been proven to increase employee engagement, increase job satisfaction and thus results in increased employee retention rates.

Ongoing learning and development will ensure your team is ahead of the curve and in the top percentage of industry performers. As you will know too well, unexpected situations occur almost daily; a team member is sick for a week or another team member is off on annual leave. Cross-training all employees is not only a great team building tool, but it also provides your team with the skills and abilities to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Investigate ways you can implement a learning and development program into your business. It might be as simple as looking into which of your providers or partners offer training and partaking in that. Many suppliers offer free training or have free online resources which are a great place to start. The benefits of such a program will have far reaching long term benefits to both the employees and the business.

Leesa Sinn | Education Services Manager, Rockend.

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