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What are your non-negotiables?

During the first quarter of the year there are many conversations regarding resolutions and new plans; sometimes so many that you may start to avoid them altogether – “no I don’t ever stick to them” or  “I cant think of any’’ can become regular responses.

It may be simple to take a different approach. We all have areas and points in our life where we know we have reached the edge of our value system, where we feel uncomfortable and are not willing to compromise any further. How we manage that point is an individual choice. 

As an owner of a business, a member of a team or a valued employee each reaction in these environments needs to be considered to avoid affecting those around us. Being personally aware and spending a moment to identify your own personal values can help you to manage your expectations on the year ahead.

  1. List out 2 words that you feel describe you
  2. Do the same for how you believe others see you
  3. Think through the opposite word to describe these personal attributes – this will help you list your non-negotiables – the areas that are outside of your core drivers
  4. Find a place to record the list that you can refer to if you are feeling conflicted about a choice or a situation

For example, if one of the words you chose to describe yourself is “driven” then perhaps staying focused might be a non-negotiable for your year ahead. 

Feel empowered to share these with those around you whether on a personal or professional level. A simple list can be useful and help you work through these throughout the year and help you stay on track throughout the year.

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