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Time For A Mid Year Health Check

Jun 19, 2018

Everyone I speak with has the same thoughts – the half way point to 2018 has crept up on us! I hate to say it, but before we know it, Christmas will be here!

So, with the mid-year mark upon us, it’s the time to reset and refocus. Especially when it comes to your portfolio. As you work through to the day to day tasks, your portfolio may appear clean and under control, but it’s time to dig deeper and make sure it really is spotless, so that the last half of the year doesn’t bring any inconvenient challenges.

So, I challenge you over the next week or so to conduct some quick housekeeping items and take stock and ensure that those items that have daily, weekly, monthly and annual checkpoints are all on track.

The 5 key areas for you to check:

  • Gained and Lost properties, year to date. It’s important that this represents a true indication of growth to date. If needed, it’s mght be time to reset the goals for the remainder of the year. If you don’t already have tracking sheets and reporting in place for gained and lost managements, now is the time to implement.
  • All Compliance areas. Smoke alarm, water efficiency, window locks, pool fencing; the list of compliance items continues to grow, but that doesn’t mean they get swept into the too hard basked. Review your checkpoints and service providers and make sure you and the business are covered.
  • Procedures Review. When was the last time you made changes and improvements to your standard letters, forms and checklists. Reviewing these processes doesn’t mean starting from scratch – sometimes the smallest improvements make a world of difference.
  • Technology & Time – whatever technology you have in your office, are you utilising all of the time saving tools available? An update to ensure you are using the latest version, a review the teams knowledge and of course a check to ensure you are using all of the features available may just save you some precious time.
  • Knowledge and learning. Having reached the halfway point, now is the time to reset your teams training plan to ensure they are continuing to learn, upskill and improve their knowledge.

Of course, there are more things to consider when completing your mid-year health check. Interested in knowing more?

Join me for on June 27 for our Health Check Webinar.

(REAL+ members – this is free for you!) Just get in touch with our team to register.

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