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Roundup Your Routines

Routines, periodics, whatever name you would like to give them, when it comes to these tasks, we often find that this is one of those tasks that tends to take a segway into Neverland and sometimes forgotten.

Your inspections don’t need to be a nightmare task and it’s a great opportunity to check how the property is being maintained and advise the Owner of any maintenance that may be needed now or in the future to maximise the potential of their investment.

With winter on its way it’s tempting to hibernate in the warmth of our office environments and try and avoid the outside world, however it is important not to forget the crucial task of routine inspections in this period.

  • ·   When it comes to routine inspection frequency, it is important to check the legislative requirements for your state. For example, in NSW you are not allowed more than four inspections in a twelve month period, which can make it interesting should you be carrying out quarterly inspections and need to go back for any reason. You may find that you hit your quota faster than you think.
  • ·   Create an inspection schedule for your properties, allocate by due month, or by geographical zones and plan to send out a month ahead. Your property management software can assist in automating this process.
  • ·   Don’t get locked into individual times and allow yourself flexibility by allocating a time range.
  • ·   Give yourself plenty of time. Most visits will take around fifteen to thirty minutes. This will allow time for you to explore issues that are concerning the tenant and inspect the property.
  • ·   Ensure that you provide the correct notice in writing to the Tenant to advise of the inspection and include information such as the use of a master key and that you may take digital images of the property at the inspection. Including an information guide of the expectations of condition and a maintenance form can also be helpful.

The most important point when it comes to your inspections is to stay safe. This industry unfortunately deals with some volatile personalities and it pays to trust your instincts. Don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you may be in harm’s way and if you feel threatened, take someone from your office with you. Your safety and sanity is paramount in this game.

Heidi Walkinshaw

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