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New Business Managers – What Standards Are You Setting?

As a New Business Manager you are responsible for the way that potential clients view your business. Considering each of these possible interactions, is your standard consistent, professional and immediate?


  • How promptly do you return calls & emails?
  • How do you present when arriving to a listing?
  • Are you on site at your office auctions and sales open homes?
  • What material do you have available for potential investors?
  • What phone & email follow-up, including value add information, are your clients receiving?
  • Are you attending the sales meeting and generating referrals?
  • Are you working to an ideal week?

The key to being great at New Business is focusing on all the “1 Percenters”, doing consistent actions, regularly. Keeping in touch with potential and current clients, forming and growing relationships, leveraging our sales team, expanding our referral network.

The challenge is that, in most cases, we complete the actions once or twice and don’t follow through on our plans. Without structure & rhythm to what we do, we get caught up in non-revenue generating activity.

Consider what you are currently doing and how you can incrementally improve on each area. If you find that you never have the time to address improving on your game, it’s time to get back to basics and implement an ideal week, including disciplined prospecting & business improvement block-out.

Need some help with your New Business strategy? Contact the team at Real+ to find out how we can support your growth.

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