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Managing Social Media

If like many Real Estate agencies you have a team of younger employees, you will be well aware of the constant barrage of sites flooding their computer screens and phones such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. How we deal with this intrusion can either make or break our team culture and productivity levels.

With a generation in our workplaces who are more tech savvy and hungry for anything that may be technologically and socially related, we have very quickly seen the rise of sites such as these, which provide a daily distraction. So how do we control it?

In many industries, sites these are completely banned, no access from any employee is permitted. While this is a quick and easy option, it does leave gaps as most of the younger generation may find ways to get around these blocks or filters as well as the availability of smartphones. Another option could be only permitting employees to use these sites during their breaks.

It is important to implement a social media policy and ensure that all employees are aware of their obligations and have them sign off on it so that you have it in writing. You can find an example of a social media policy on the platform.

Also, educate employees about the consequences of disclosing or misusing the company’s confidential information or intellectual property in the social media context.

While it can be a distraction for many, these sites can also be a great marketing tool that can assist in business growth and one which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even Pinterest can help raise your brand awareness and gain you popularity in the market place. Many agents are now utilising these sites for landlord and tenant information, inviting them to follow their office pages and keeping them up to date with the latest news and events that are happening within their agencies and the community.

It’s a given that the social media in some form is here to stay and is constantly evolving. How we react to this daily intrusion in our working lives can help us thrive or just survive. Find a solution that works well for your office and run with it.

Hermione Gardiner

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