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Little Surprises

An American Department Store Nordstrom in the US is certainly well known for little surprises.  In fact they have been known to gift wrap items purchased at other stores, iron shirts for business meetings that same day, deliver clothes for people in a pickle, and even refund customers for items that they don’t even sell! All of these surprises create clients for life, they are the little things that keep clients coming back, keep them engaged and get them talking.

Do you empower your team to provide little surprises to your clients? What are you doing to show your clients that you actually care? If providing a routine inspection or a rent increase is the equivalent of a surprise for your client – you’re in trouble.

A surprise can be simple, a hand written note in the mail, a call for no reason at all, through to the providing of gifts.

Surprises need not cost money, remember it’s the thought that counts…. 1% more service is simply showing you care…. How will you do this? How will you team Old fashion values with Modern Times to engage your clients, show you care and retain clients in tight times?

After all there are plenty more Property Managers in the sea.

Fiona Blayney

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