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Leading from the front

Dec 3, 2019

When leading a team, there can be some challenges along the way as we negotiate through the different personalities and ensure that they are all on board the same ship.

Effective communication from key stakeholders within the team is conducive to ultimately empower the team in achieving common goals for the business and themselves.

Transparency is key in the delivery of messages and can have positive reinforcement for the team to understand the direction and size of the goal posts that they are aiming for. This also allows for all parties to have the potential to understand the expectations of the business in addition to managing their own expectations.

Accountability for individuals can be as simple as adding a daily wrap into their day with a requirement for them to send through a summary of daily achievements. This can also assist leaders in understanding the metrics of the playing field on a daily basis and manage any potential challenges.

Remember that we all make mistakes and it is part of the learning journey. Encourage the team to share mistakes and manage them as soon as they happen so that it becomes a collaborative learning experience and an opportunity to weed out potential issues.

Availability and approachability in leaders is imperative in building trust and rapport within a team, especially if they have any concerns that need to be managed. Setting boundaries around availability is however important and standing or walking meetings can help in cutting down meeting times to achieve deadlines and goals.
Lead from the front and your troops will follow you on the course you have set.

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