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Honouring our Customer Commitments

We are now on the downward stretch to the end of the year and with this will come lots of festivities and excitement. Also looming is the new years resolution – the commitment for the year ahead! When we make a commitment, we do so with a clear mind on what the outcomes of that commitment will be – we are investing ourselves to the expected outcomes. 

We should consider this with all of our customer transactions and ensure that we are honouring our customer commitments.

  • Discuss and agree on Service Level Agreements – an example of this would be around communication, whether it be online communication, phone communication or email – an agreement  to manage the expectation on response from both parties should be discussed to avoid disappoint or frustrations. It is easy for simple queries to escalate if they are not managed within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Management of funds – Helping your landlords and tenants understand their financial commitments to each other and how you will assist in ensuring a smooth transition to honour your obligations as the agent will help to minimise any stress. Discussing options for payments by the tenant and also the options available for the landlord, how the disbursements are managed for maintenance and utilities and any flexibility you offer in disbursing the landlord funds will show you are engaged with the importance of this function.
  • Data driven decisions – no matter what decision we are making in todays world we look for data to help us, help us compare, help us assess and ultimately to help us decide. So being on the front foot and having data readily available to share to your customers through your marketing channels will help them feel reassured in their decisions. Regularly sharing success stories to your existing clients helps for them to feel secure and comfortable and will also give you great selling tools for attracting new business.

Most importantly, remembering that any decision to invest in a commitment is done so in good faith so the more you can put in place to ensure that you make this a positive experience and show that you have considered the clients needs, will build trust and minimise stress on the partnership.

If you take a small amount of time to find solutions and highlight how this sets you apart you will be confident in the service you can deliver.

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