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Don’t Tell Me – SHOW ME!

Sternly telling my 18 month-old son to put down my iPhone, it occurred to me that at his age, it is increasingly ‘monkey see, monkey do’. I have also seen him recently attempt to brush his near nonexistent hair with my hair brush and on a separate occasion apply dry shampoo – thankfully it has a lid on.

This got me thinking – these are certainly not skills he was born with or things I have set out to teach him. He has observed my actions.

On a day-to-day basis, our actions speak about our brand and they are consistently observed by others – our clients, potential clients, employees, employers and even our competition. It is important that we live by what we say.

There is no sense in spending all our time and energy telling people that we are the best – we must show them.

Think about the current point of benefit you use to differentiate your business from your competition. Do you demonstrate this in everything you do?

Think about these as typical scenarios:

  • Your agency claims to offer an efficient service – yet you turn up late to appointments.
  • You pride yourself on communication – yet you are not prompt at returning calls.
  • You are the best agent for increasing an investor’s return – yet you are slow at turning around rental applications.

All these examples show a clear misalignment between ‘saying’ and ‘showing’.

Every action you take is observed by your clients and potential clients.

Don’t tell them you’re the best – show them.

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