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Comfort Zone

Feb 24, 2017

You’ve heard people say you need to step out of your comfort zone, right?

Why should you though?

I was asked this week what I wanted to do this year to step outside my comfort zone. Before I answered, I reflected on the past 12 months, and what I have achieved. So many of those achievements came about because I was brave enough to take that extra challenge and step outside my comfort zone.

However, that place outside your comfort zone can be scary and It’s not always an easy step to take. Getting to the place that you are comfortable and familiar with your routine can be an achievement in itself, however the challenge is avoiding being so comfortable and familiar that you don’t feel the need to try something new. It can be too easy to rely on old habits rather than take a new risk.

But stepping outside your comfort zone is not only exciting but it is also motivational and helps us learn. How far you want to push the boundaries of your comfort zone is totally up to you, however think of the reward at the end of the challenge. And the risk if you don’t try.

There is incredible power in saying “yes” to new things, new places, and new experiences. It makes you feel more energised, dynamic and driven to keep learning and challenging yourself.

So, take the time to write down one thing that will get you out of your comfort zone this year. What will you dare to achieve?

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