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Paperless Inspections – it makes sense

May 5, 2021

During the past year of challenges, some changes may have been pushed upon us. Whether we took it in our stride or found it challenging, some changes that we have now embraced include these unique innovations created by Inspection Manager and have set the path for the future.

The Paperless Condition Reports introduced by Inspection Manager are the way of business now and in the future. 

Paperless is better for the environment, plus it also reduces costs for the Agent and the tenant. It ensures that the inspections have been received, finalised, and completed within the required timeframe, and this has also increased efficiencies for teams and improved service for clients.

The added benefits not only helped the Agents stay on top of maintenance and care of properties, it also increased compliance with reminders to tenants in returning reports and provided easier access for tenants to complete this essential document.

Additional features like voice to text are a function that can reduce time spent conducting the inspections, increase productivity with the time saved with increased efficiency and less paperwork, or illegible handwriting. Speech recognition software can produce documents in less than half the time it takes to type.

If you missed today’s webinar, head over to where you can catch up with this replay on demand.


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