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Balancing Stress

Oct 14, 2016

As I conducted a training session for a group of Property Managers today, the word ‘stress’ was used over 15 times in a very short space of time. Why is it that stress and Property Management are so often used in the same sentence together? We work in a fast paced industry, managing our clients biggest assets, dealing with their emotions on a daily basis, so of course there will be times when pressure and challenges are evident, but it’s important to identify that “stressful” shouldn’t be the norm.

There is no denying that we all experience stress in our lives from time to time, because life involves constant change. Stress is perceived differently by each of us and affects us all in ways that are unique. It’s important to understand how stress affects you, so that you can learn how to make stress work for you rather than against you.

With busy schedules,it’s easy to become overwhelmed with work and not find time for anything else. The trick is achieving a balance that promotes your overall health and success – easier said than done, right? It’s about awareness, perception and an understanding how you can manage and reduce stress, not just at work, but maybe at home as well.

What are our top tips for finding that balance?

  • A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a balanced diet and the right amount of sleep
  • Taking regular breaks throughout your work day, fresh air and sunshine can do wonders to help you decompress
  • Ensure you are being productive, by planning, setting a routine, having purposeful meetings. Treat your time as money.
  • Learn to share the load, hand over and ask for help if needed
  • Avoid, remove, minimise or cope with the stressful situations you find yourself in. And if you can’t change something learn to accept it.
  • Tap into your VIP list of family and friends – talking about things help, there really is something to be said for venting
  • And when you need to, take the time to just breathe

Lauren Kirk

General Manager of Training & Consulting


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