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ARPM Conference 2017 | Sydney

There are pivotal moments in your life when a light bulb goes on and a window into your world shows you a snap shot of the road you have walked. Over the past week that window has been a constant friend of mine, and it was the window into my 15 years at the helm of ARPM.

On Thursday I spent time taking a trip down memory lane, re viewing the presentations I have conducted across the years and through them gained a unique perspective on both the industry and the improvement of my speaking skills, not to mention some pretty big leaps when it comes to the look and feel of the PowerPoint presentations that supported them.

I can often be found chuckling as I recount the story of my first ARPM presentation, “The coalface property manager”, a session introducing my personal time management strategies, and I could not have been more impressed with my selection of walk on music being – Dolly Parton Working 9 – 5.  Now a cringe moment not unlike many of the fashion faux pas of the 80’s.

And whilst we are all grateful for the improvement to my song selections, equally there has been incremental changes in our industry, perhaps the greatest changes though have been in the area of technology and team structures.

As we head into ARPM this weekend, I am excited about what will unfold at my 15th ARPM event. “Reconstruct” is about taking the world as we have known it until now, pulling it apart, keeping the best bits and drawing on the future to develop a sustainable business for the road ahead.

If you haven’t booked tickets, there are still a few seats available, although we are sure to book out in the coming days.

See you there!

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