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Are Your Routines Seamless?

Routines are one of those office tasks that can sometimes prove challenging in their organisation. They are a great opportunity to gain an overview of how the current tenant is maintaining the property and also provide a chance to check the current status of the property and advise the Owner of any current or future maintenance that may be required.

It is important while carrying out these inspections to remember that while we are going in to check the cleanliness and repair of the property, we are also going into someone’s home and there can be some nerves and emotion from the tenant in the lead up or during that inspection, even amongst tenants who are immaculate.

With the winter month’s barrelling away toward us, it could be tempting to hibernate in the warmth of our office environments and try and avoid the outside world, however it is important not to forget the crucial task of routine inspections in this period.

Some things that you might like to consider with your routine inspections;

  • When arranging the frequency of you inspections, check the legislative requirements for your state. For example, in NSW you are not allowed more than four inspections in a twelve month period, which can be challenging should you be carrying out quarterly inspections and need to go back to the property for any reason.
  • An inspection schedule for your properties can assist in organising those inspections and you might like to allocate them by month due, geographic location and in some cases your software may assist in automating the process.
  • Allow yourself flexibility by allocating a time range to your inspections and try not to get locked into individual times.
  • Allow plenty of time to carry out the inspections and to travel between inspections. You may need around fifteen to thirty minutes to check the property and explore issues that may be concerning the tenant.
  • Provide the correct notice in writing to the Tenant to advise of the inspection and include information such as the use of a master key and that you may take digital images of the property at the inspection. Include an information guide of the expectations of the condition of the property and a maintenance form for the tenant to report any repairs.

Above all, it is vital that you stay safe. Unfortunately we can come across some volatile personalities in our travels and if you are ever unsure trust your gut and take someone from the office with you.

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