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Are You Tribunal Ready?

Reduce your stress

Tribunal is one of those areas in Property Management that provides the challenge of conflict and an element of stress.

The one thing that will assist us in reducing that stress during the process is preparation. How well you prepare for the tribunal will ultimately assist you with achieving the best possible outcome for your client.

Steps to help you prepare

In preparing for the tribunal, here are a few key steps you might consider to ensure  you are organised and ready to tackle any challenges coming your way:

  • Landlord’s approval

Always have landlord’s approval when making the initial application and have a discussion with the around what their ideal outcome may be. You may also like to make an pre-agreements regarding conditions in which you may withdraw an application

  • Get the facts

There are usually jurisdictions around the types of hearings that courts can hear and in some cases there may even be a monetary limit. It is wise to check that you are applying to the correct court and specify the orders that you are seeking in a factual manner.

  • Documentation

Keep a copy of your application and prepare your documentation straight away. Don’t leave it until the last minute as it can be a mad scramble the morning of the hearing if this is the case.

  • Termination notice

Ensure that the termination notice issued is in writing and states the full address of the rented premises and the full names of all parties as well as the details of the grounds & breaches.

  • Check agreements

Refer to management agency agreement and the residential tenancy agreement for required information, check service dates and check the rent arrears

  • Chronology of events

When it comes to preparing for the hearing, prepare a chronology of events and write down all issues relating to the case

  • Gather your evidence

Gather your evidence with updated copies of ledgers and the tenant’s status as well as any information. It is also helpful to know what you want to say to support your case

  • Practice your case

Practice your case, remembering that practice makes perfect! If you need help don’t forget to refer to the fact sheets and online videos

  • Prepare your notes

Prepare your hearing notes for the member before the hearing and take a calculator, phone, pen, pad

  • Landlord on standby

Ensure your Landlord is on standby for any information that you may need to communicate on the day of the hearing.

Above all remain calm, be thorough with your information and if you are ever at all unsure about the person you are up against, take someone with you for backup and good luck!

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