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Are You An Investor Coach?

The landscape of Property Management is evolving.

Furthermore, it’s highlighting, more than ever, the need for amazing customer service to deliver on the expectations of the consumer in our marketplace.

How is your customer service?

If you were to look into your current operations, how would you rate your level of customer service?

Within the field of customer service, would you consider yourself to be an expert? Are you someone who assists in coaching your clients through their journey of investment?

The stresses & pressures of buying

Let’s face it the cost of buying property these days is not something to be taken lightly – unless you prefer to invest in frivolous areas like avocado farms and your average investor is signing their life away for a substantial debt to jump onto the property ladder.

With this debt, comes the obvious stresses and financial pressures. We notice these pressures boiling to the surface in our interactions when something goes awry.

Are you coaching?

With all of these factors in mind, think of your relationships with your current community of investors:

  • Are they relationships where you provide coaching throughout the journey?
  • Do your investors know, like and trust you enough to receive your coaching through what is potentially the biggest investment in their lives?
  • Are you also giving them the professional, educated advice that is required of the role and providing a listening ear when required?
  • Or is it a relationship where you are avoiding contact and just weaving through the motions?


As automation streamlines the processes in our industry, the single biggest asset that we will have with our clients will be strong relationships. This strength is ultimately what will set us apart. After all, our ability to communicate is what sets our species apart, yet it still has a long way to go.


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