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Are You All On The Bus?

Leading a team, while incredibly rewarding can occasionally prove to be challenging at best and having every member of your team travelling in the same direction can sometimes see a few hurdles cross the path on your journey.

Ensuring that everyone on the bus is heading in the same direction, is largely about communication and how effectively messages regarding your journey are delivered to the team from the driver.

Setting clear expectations for each team member individually as well as collaboratively can assist the team in understanding where the goal posts lie and what they can expect from their leader in addition to themselves as well as any deadlines and service expectations that need to be met.

Implementing tasks like a daily wrap into a routine provides accountability because let’s face it, we all need accountability to keep us on course. This would involve each individual sending through a summary of what they achieved throughout the day to their team leader which can celebrate any wins as well as highlight any potential potholes that you can jump on before they slow down your journey.

Treat mistakes as learning experiences as they can provide the perfect opportunity to learn and highlight areas in your systems that may need some adjustment. This also encourages the team to share mistakes when they happen so that they will come to you rather than try and sweep it under the rug.

It’s helpful for leaders to be available to their teams and most importantly, approachable should they have any concerns. However, it is also ideal to set clear boundaries as to that availability so that your leaders aren’t getting caught up with challenges that can be quickly resolved. Two-minute standing or even walking meetings help to keep to deadlines and achieve goals as well as provide a forum for the individual to have some time to go over their challenge.

Allowing the chain of communication to be open amongst your team and providing a level of transparency can assist in building a positive culture and a more productive and harmonious environment that can ultimately empower your team and assist you in achieving what success means to you.

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