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4 Steps To Onboard Your Tenants

When you begin to think about your tenant onboarding process, how would it rate on a scale of 1 to 10? Would you say that the service level is only fair or is it providing the best customer service level of that person’s life?

Often in the property management journey, the importance of tenant onboarding is overlooked as we get caught up in the day to day processes and this is a step that is crucial in beginning the relationship successfully.

Some areas you might like to consider in the onboarding journey:


Communicate with the new tenants before the lease signing appointment to discuss details and answer any questions that they may have. Treat this step as not a means to an end to get the paperwork signed, but the first step in creating a relationship with your agency.


In the age of technology and human attention spans that are less than that of goldfish, it pays to be smart about how you convey your information. Try short and to the point, professional looking videos supplemented by emailed information rather than pages and pages of text which will likely lose it’s message in the delivery.


Your average lease signing appointment should take a minimum of 30 minutes and allow the tenant time to read through the documents that they are to sign. It is imperative to go over the important terms in the lease agreement, explain the condition report and reporting of repairs as well as information pertinent to the property.

Take the time to answer any queries they might have and perhaps ask them what their preferred method of communication may be for this to be noted in the system. Thank them for coming into the office and don’t forget to provide all the keys and paperwork required.


If you are not sure of your service level rating, ask! Send out a follow up to your newbie tenants and ask them what they thought of the service that they received. Take any constructive criticism onboard as an area to improve and any positive, with permission use as testimonials.

If you would like some tips on the tenant induction, join us online for our upcoming webinars or give the Real+ team a call – 02 8355 4999.

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