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10 Tips for Improving your Time Management

Mar 12, 2021

1. Focus on Things That Matter

Getting things done during the workday shouldn’t be all about trying to get done as much as you can in an eight hour work day. Whilst, this may be hard to get your head around, there is nothing productive about listing a whole heap of tasks on a long to-do list.

The more resourceful way to get things done is to take a less-is-more approach to your tasks. Create a smaller to-do list and only focus on those things that matter and do them well. Then watch your productivity and efficiency go through the roof!

2. Do You Have Your Priorities In the Right Order?

Setting priorities right is about making intelligent choices and deciding what goals to pursue in which order. To do this you need vision and foresight.

Intelligent people have the ability to see past the hills and valleys of today and to the hills and the valleys of the future and see the invisible and the challenges it holds.

3. How to Manage Your Mornings

Start your day in the best possible way by managing effectively what you do first.

Always check your voicemail and emails as soon as you arrive at the office. Make a list of what needs your attention right away – such as repair concern or maintenance requests.

Prioritize this list so you know where to focus your time. Urgent repairs and maintenance should be handled first, followed by returning landlord’s calls, new business and vacant property enquiries.

4. 4D’s

Do, Dump, Delegate, Decide when.

This simple approach to assessing your task list, email inbox, day will help you work through the items in a faster manner. Can you group all of the ‘Dump’ emails together when you get started to minimise your inbox? Can you ‘Delegate’ any tasks which you have, but someone else would be more suited to? Can you group a larger number of ‘Do’ emails together which will take 2-3 mins each? Are there any tasks which will require a set amount of your time, and you can ‘Decide when’ it is most appropriate to complete this?

5. Make Your Final Hours Enjoyable

When you plan your day, schedule the last few hours to work on the least stressful tasks you need to complete.

You will end the day feeling a lot more relaxed and with a sense of accomplishment for completing at least one thing before the day end. Try listening to some music on Spotify whilst your complete your paperwork, respond to email messages or tie up those loose ends so you don’t have to face them tomorrow.

6. Are You Making Slow Days Work For You?

We all have days that are slower than the rest.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs and wishing away the day, take advantage of a quiet day to tackle the tasks that often get neglected.

Prepare tenant move-in folders, delete old emails you’ve already printed, update your online listings and file away every piece of paper that is lingering on your desk.

7. Arrive on Time

Do you always arrive at your appointments in a hot flustered mess? You won’t be on your game and the client will be able to tell.

Ensure that you are scheduling enough travel time to allow for potential traffic delays, and ensure that you aren’t scheduling appointments too close together so that you are constantly running late.

You need to make a good calm first impression, first impressions last!

8. Can You Say No?

Having a lot of time commitments can teach us how to juggle work and manage our time. Which can be a great thing. However, you can easily take it too far.

At some point, you need to learn to decline opportunities. Your objective should be to take on only those commitments that you know you have time for and that you truly care about.

9. Do You Know How to Manage Your Workload Effectively?

Get creative about the ways you manage your workload.

Instead getting lost in a sea of messy sticky notes, diary entries and emails, streamline everything into one client database management system.

That way, you can manage your clients, marketing and follow-ups all in one place. It will simplify many of your business processes and it will be so much easier to access everything in one system.

10. Go For Three Big Ones

Give yourself three must-complete tasks each day. Make them fairly large tasks that are important but not urgent,

i.e. bond refunds, rent reviews, insurance auditing.

Block out time in your diary to complete these tasks so that you are not booking appointments or taking calls during those times.

Take short breaks between each major task to give your mind a break and switch gears. If you aim to complete 3 big tasks daily your day will be super productive.


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