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Winning New Business Through Script & Dialogues

What are the most successful rising New Business stars in Australian Property Management doing to improve their results? How do they manage to sign so many new clients and deal with any objections with ease, even if they don’t have the strongest communication skills?Well there is no other way about it, these people are undergoing regular, ongoing coaching or training, including practising their “Scripts & Dialogue” and role plays.Ongoing training and practising prepares you for any conversational situation that may arise in Property Management or New Business, and ensures that you are prepared and poised with whatever is thrown at you (which is getting trickier the more educated our clients become).Continual practice allows you to fine tune your conversational and practical skills before taking it out on the road. It is vital to the success of not only new players in the new business world, but even the most experienced professionals, to be constantly re-training and continually developing their skills in this ever-changing property market.If you’ve been to any of our training sessions you’ll know we don’t believe in set “scripts” but we love the concept of dialogue, that is, knowing what to say, but putting it into your own words or dialogue.Often one person’s method of selling something will not feel natural to another. You need to find what works for you. Through undergoing training, coaching and role plays you are given the opportunity to develop your dialogue and turn the “scripts” into your own words in a way that not only conveys the service you are selling, but highlights your belief and passion in it.If you would like a free copy of our New Business Dialogue Cheat Sheet, please click here to request a copy, or get some complimentary coaching on your new business dialogue.

Hermione Gardiner

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