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What Is Your Word For The Year?

Recently I was speaking with a business Owner, and we reflected over the year that was 2016. One of the questions I asked during this reflection was, what 2017 would mean for him and their business. His simply replied, “balance”.

In a time where we are constantly switched “on”, this struck a chord as we often forget to turn the on switch to ‘’off’ and before you know it that hamster wheel that you are running on can get out of control. During this we can sometimes also lose sight of what we originally set out to achieve.

This got me to thinking about other words that might symbolise what you would like your year to mean to you.

Have a think about it and look at those goals that you are setting yourself for the quarter, half year and year and when you look at those goals, is there a word that could be reflective of what you would like to achieve out of 2017?

It could be anything, it could be ‘balance’, maybe it is ‘growth’ or ‘profit’, ‘systems’ or even something like ‘stability’. It could even be a mixture of all of those words.

They say that what you visualise will eventually become reality as what you consistently tell your brain will eventually sink in through subliminal methods and manifest into what you have been visualising.

With this visualisation theory in mind, once you have your words for the year, print them out or save them to your desktop or device screens, almost like a vision board. You could even create a vision board complimenting these words. These will act as a daily reminder to you and kick you into gear if you begin to lose momentum throughout the year. It also serves to remind you of your why.

So, what will your word be?

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