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What is Your New Business Marketing Pitch?

Further to a new business marketing webinar I ran this week, we discussed many marketing techniques but also touched on how to pitch and angle yourself to win more business.
It is important to learn how to sell your services by selling the benefits of what you do, not relying on just reeling off service features. We need a marketing pitch or angle to jazz up what we show clients, communicate and market to them to show what we do is different and why they should choose us.

I cannot tell you how many ‘unique selling points’ and ‘points of difference’ I hear that are, well, mostly the same as others … but let’s save that topic for another day.
I thought I would today start to give some tips on developing your marketing pitch for new business so you can start to think of selling a little differently! So, how do you develop your marketing pitch and key points of difference, and then sell them? The key elements lie within problem, value, credibility, difference and action – and starting to think about things in a slightly different way.

ProblemWhat problem does your product or service solve? What pain is your ideal customer experiencing? Perhaps bad service with other agents, rent not paid on time, bad tenants, high vacancy, wants more return on investment, highest rent etc.

ValueHow does your product or service deliver value (results in terms of dollars, time or quality)? How does your service solve their problems or meet their needs? In even simpler terms, how do you help people or businesses? For instance, our marketing means wider exposure to tenants, to get your property leased faster. Our rent management system ensures 98 per cent of our tenants pay rent on time, giving you peace of mine.

CredibilityWhat can you say that will demonstrate your ability to deliver value? How can you support your claims? What evidence and stats do you have? How have you delivered value to others? Case studies can be useful as social proof, for example ‘Our days on market is 3 compared to the industry average of 12’. ‘We’ve had zero tenancies go to tribunal in the last 12 months’.

How is your business, your product or your service different? How is it better than the potential alternatives? What’s your unique selling proposition? What is the benefit of the service or features? (Hint – it can’t be the same thing your competitors promise. You need to be the only one to have this, or sell it in a unique way). i.e Our tenant booking system not only allows flexibility to show tenants at times that suit them, getting your property leased faster, but it also means we have a pool of qualified tenants waiting to hear from us about your property. Our routine inspection reports with photos allow you to look into your property regularly to rest assure your tenant is taking good care of the property.

ActionOur marketing pitch (whether on paper or in person) requires us to give a call to action. If in person, this can include asking if they agree that what you have told them would be the best option for them, asking for the business, outlining the next steps. Or if a marketing piece is asking them to take a specific action to call you, transfer a management to you or refer someone to you. Action is the key to the success for any marketing pitch.

Stay tuned for more new business and  Real Estate marketing tips soon.

Hermione Gardiner

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