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Try an Easter Detox

Ah the holidays, that time of year when craziness seems to set in. For most Property Management Teams and especially Leasing Teams, it will mean an actual two day weekend. Hooray! Two days to hopefully switch off, unwind and catch up with the things you find most important. Like eating bucket loads of chocolate and dealing with the aftermath of being filled with chocolate and regret come Monday.

Did you know that studies have shown that the mind performs better and stress levels can actually be lowered by taking a short break from work? Now when we talk about a short break, it’s not so much walking away from your desk for ten minutes and taking your phone with you, still frantically scrolling through your emails as you go. It means take a breath and step away from you work world both physically and mentally for a day or two.

I know that this task can sound complicated and many of us would choose not to for fear that the world will fall apart should they step away from their patch, but believe me when I tell you that psychologically it is beneficial for your own mental health and your productivity and performance at work. It can also assist in reducing your stress levels by clearing your head space if you take the time to do something for you to unwind. Whether it is a weekend away, should you choose to battle the holiday traffic, a stroll along the beach, adventure sports or even just become a lounge lizard and catch up on a good book or those episodes of Breaking Bad that you have been dying to catch up on, your brain and your boss will thank you for it later.

If you want to try and take it to the next level, unplug yourself from the technological world. Put down your phone, iPad and laptop and take a moment to step back into the real world and see the beauty in it. Your challenge is to not look at the phone at bedtime or first thing on waking up, take some time to ignore the beep of messages or notifications throughout the day and truly clear your head space. You will be surprised how much space you can really clear up there when you take out the techno distractions. It will also give you a perfect chance to indulge in the goodies that the little guy with the fluffy white tail may leave behind.

Go on, try an Easter techno detox, the chocolate detox however, may just have to wait until next week.

Fiona Blayney

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