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Tribunal Preparation for Success

When it comes to the task of tribunal, effective preparation is a key element in ensuring that you are well equipped before the hearing. Preparation can also support the presentation of your case while in front of the member.

While Tribunal can be daunting at times, thorough preparation at the commencement of your case can assist with achieving more positive outcomes for all parties involved including reducing the potential for conflict around the negotiation puzzle.

When preparing your case, it is essential that you are familiar with all aspects of the claim, whether you are representing as an applicant or a respondent. This will also help you to prepare the necessary documentation representative of the facts of the case.

Familiarising yourself with key legislation relevant to the case will also assist you with presentation in front of the member, as well as help with answering any questions that come your way and as part of the negotiation process.

Ensuring that you are aware of what the best possible outcome is for the Owner prior to entering hearing or conciliation rooms will also assist with finding a resolution on the day.

Above all, it is also imperative that you remain calm under the pressure, so that you can present the best possible case for your client. Preparation can assist in reducing those stress levels and ensure you are putting forward the best possible case.


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