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The path to conflict resolution

Mar 1, 2020

As property managers we look after large assets for Landlords and the family home for tenants it’s no wonder emotions can be at play when a dispute arises.

It is important not to ignore the emotion of the situation, by carefully listening to the individual to understand their point of view and the pressures they are feeling you will connect with the customer and be able to act as a conduit as you navigate the path to resolution.

Try to view the issue from different points of view. The solution might appear simple to us, however for a tenant or landlord this might need a more detailed explanation to understand the legislation or perhaps further info around the contractual agreement.

I like to always question, what could we have done to stop the dispute from arising in the first place?
This will usually involve; greater communication, client education, our anticipation, and a level of empathy. From taking this approach we can try to not only solve the issue at hand, but stop the next one from arising.


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