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The Best Sight in my Office

As I sit here to write today I am met with a sight in my office, one which throws me into a different train of thought, one which fills me with a sense of pride, a hint of jealousy, and a load of excitement. It is the early stages in the passing of the baton. So what have I found?

I decided to sit out on the office floor today, come out of the cave that I inhabit on the days I am here called “Fiona’s Office” and hit the desks with the team, across from me right now stands with great pride a card, adorned on its cover is an image of a trophy with the words “No.1 Coach”. As I read the carefully crafted words, the message relates to a story of success and achievement and within its lines, the words are offering thanks and praise for the coach who was there supporting and guiding to ensure it happened.

Pride is an interesting word, and can really mean and relate to so many different things. In this instance I am proud of the business we have. Being able to offer such a service, of the knowledge and skill that has formed over the past 23 years which we impart every day, of the care and dedication my team portray when dealing with peoples lives and the realistic approach we take when identifying what is possible, setting the goals at the right level and then supporting in just the right way.

That momentary flicker of jealousy, has not been derived due to “someone else getting a card”, its from the feeling you get when you know you have made such a difference in someone’s world.
As a business owner who has been at the cold face of my business since inception, creating and offering every service we have today, it’s hard to let go and let others take the reins of an area of your business that is so close to your heart, and one that you enjoy so very much.

The reality is, though the jealousy subsides as quickly as it arrived as it is I as a leader who has the greatest gift of all. Passing the baton to passionate people, watching them develop into capable practitioners is the ultimate for a coach, coaching the coaches. Helping people help people – what a gift.

As we continue to grow, and we bring more people into our family, the dynamic of my role will continue to change. As for most business owners, this has its own challenges, but my role is to be at the front of the trail, blazing away so that the team continue to have a strong leader to follow. It’s important that you keep at the front of yours!

Plus … I’m not ready to let go of the baton just yet, I decided that I’m living till I am 120, so that’s another 100 years to go 😉

Fiona Blayney

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