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Nov 23, 2017

Regardless of the role you play within your office, every Property Manager is part of a team – be that a POD, the Department or the business as a whole.

A successful team is made up of many differing people, personalities and skill-sets. Every individual in a team has their own strengths and weaknesses.

How we work together is the key to productivity, efficiency and ultimately success.

So, what are the defining factors for a successful team?

  • Clarity

Defining who does what, when and why is important to efficiency within a team. It helps ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and daily tasks as well as the process that are required to complete these tasks. If everyone is clear on what they are responsible for it helps prevent doubling up or overlooking the important and not important things we do each day.

  • Common goals

Individual goals are important, so too are team goals. Having a common focus that everyone working towards keeps everyone accountable and heading in the same direction.

  • Transparent communication

We all have great ideas, and we all make mistakes. Being able to have transparent, open conversations with each other, freely contribute ideas and sharing information within the team, helps to ensure everyone is informed and no topics of conversation are avoided.

  • Be there to help

Even though you have your own tasks and responsibilities, being part of a team means pitching in and helping each other out when needed. Nothing should be above or below you, or “not in your job description”. Whether it is helping with opens to get properties leased, making extra calls to get arrears down or taking a call from a tenant that isn’t in your portfolio. When someone in your team needs help, there shouldn’t be a question of “should I help?” but “how can I help?”.

So ask yourself, how can you improve the teamwork in your office to ensure you are all on the same page and working together to help drive success?

We love to hear you comments – submit your thoughts on teamwork below.

The team at Real+ are always here to help. Our Training & Consultancy services can advice and assist with the management of your team and much, much more. Visit our Consultancy pages or feel free to contact one of our Consultants anytime on 02 8355 4999.

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