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Mignon Ahrns

Client Services

Coming from a small country town in South Australia, where there were 5 Mignons within a 20km radius.  Mignon, now known as Min, due to the not-so-common name in Sydney started in real estate in 1989.  Starting in Office Administration, Min then moved into real estate sales, and successfully developed a rent role of residential and holiday rentals within the community.  Min moved to Adelaide in 2010 working in Property Management, then her life changed again with a move to Sydney in 2016 working for Rockend in Support.  Understanding the needs of clients and having the knowledge, Min then transitioned into an Account Management role in 2019.

Min has worked with most software platforms for over 30+ years, having vast knowledge in all aspects of sales, property management, and trust accounting.

Mins country town personality comes through with her eagerness to assist and build raport easily with clients.  Min can identify with each individual, in each role, understanding the need for support and education is a key component with any business.  As one of the largest assets that each agent owns, Min understands the key component required for staff efficiency and longevity is to have competent and well-trained staff.  Min understands and promotes the need to ensure all staff are set up for success, with the knowledge and leadership required to provide them with the confidence they need to fulfill their roles.


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