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Take Action Against Distraction

Are you constantly interrupted by the ding of a new email, the vibrate of an incoming text message or the ring of a phone? If the red notifications on your device and the new mail sitting in your inbox leave you itching with intrigue and simply cannot be ignored, then it’s time to take action against distraction!

It has been known for many years now that single tasking improves the accuracy of our work and allows us to get more done in far less time.

Here are 10 tips to help you be more efficient with your time, by removing distractions and allowing clearer focus on the task at hand:

  1. Operate to an ideal period – For many tasks this is an ideal week. However, things such as routines, reviews, compliance items and seasonal marketing should be on a quarterly or annual rotation – this assists in keeping you on task, and for a set period of time.
  2. Make a list – Each day (or the day prior before you head home) identify your top priorities that must be done before you leave for the day.
  3. Use block-out time – Whilst focusing on important tasks, hold your calls and shut down your email. It will help with both accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Turn off desktop pop-up’s – That pesky little notification that appears at the bottom of your screen when new emails arrive serves no purpose but to distract you and destroy concentration
  5. Check emails at set periods throughout the day – this should form part of your ideal week and be limited to 3-5 times per day.
  6. Communicate with your team – If you need an hour to focus, let the team around you know that you require some uninterrupted time. Some of the most efficient PM’s and BDM’s I know, have signs for their block-out time, or put headphones in, to let other staff know they are concentrating.
  7. Lose the device notifications – Turn off the notifications on your phone. Check your mobile device at set times only. By turning off all or most notifications, the intrigue of knowing what is happening in cyberspace every minute of the day disappears.
  8. Change your space – If you have an important call, or some prospecting to do, why not head outside, move to a meeting room or go for a walk. Take a notepad and pen if you need to jot down anything important.
  9. Use your drive time – Make sure you have hands-free set up in your car. Using this time to make more lengthy phone calls can help you get ahead for the day. It is also a great time to refresh – why not get some audiobooks, subscribe to some educational podcasts, or even listen to a Real+ webinar to increase your skills!
  10. Take a break – Working for long periods of time without standing up, stretching or having a drink of water decreases productivity. Same goes for eating at your desk. Taking 30 minutes to properly eat your lunch is great for productivity, your health and your mood. It’s also a great time to connect with your work family!

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