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Plan For The Unplanned

When things turn pear shaped with the weather systems, do you have a plan in place to manage the unexpected?

Dorothea McKellar wrote long ago about a sunburnt country with droughts and flooding rains. This is the environment in which we live, one that cannot be controlled. So, if those flooding rains buffet the door of your office and properties under management, do you have a plan in place to manage the repairs that often come with the wild weather?

In many cases we find that offices don’t always have a plan for the unplanned, until the inevitable happens and it can become a mad scramble to ensure everything is taken care of.

Action Plan

An action plan will assist in ensuring that you can manage the deluge of repairs that can come with the change in elements and some areas that you might like to consider:

  • Complete a risk management assessment table with your risks, impact to your business, mitigation strategies and contingency plans.
  • Identify any areas in your business that you cannot operate without should something happen.
  • Complete an emergency management and recovery plan and communicate that plan to all staff so that they are aware of the procedure.
  • Include in any plans a list of emergency contacts such as trades, state emergency services, police, fire and ambulance. This list is also handy to provide to tenants who won’t always know what to do when it comes to these matters.
  • Develop an evacuation plan and ensure you have covered any additional procedures required under likely emergency scenarios.
  • Prepare an emergency kit and include items such as key documents, phone numbers, torches, first aid kits, portable radios, plastic bags, spare batteries and water. Place these in a prominent location and ensure that staff are well informed.
  • Appoint an emergency action team, rehearse your action plan and most importantly, keep your plan up to date.
  • Check that your insurance covers for risks associate with your business.
  • Store all important documents in a secure location and ensure that you have regular backups of your digital data and secure offsite storage for those backups.
  • Research the virtual office services that could be useful in an emergency (such as a telephone answering service, mail forwarding, or a remote secretarial service).

Remember, when it comes to any kind of emergency, stay safe and don’t forget to let the emergency services do their job to help.

Real+ Training are always here to help you plan for the unplanned!

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