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Mix Your Maintenance With Your Growth Goals

As a Property Management Business one of the many functions we fulfil for our owners is making sure that their property is maintained and that repairs are tended to when required.

As our rent roll grows, so to does the number of work orders we send out on a weekly basis. We develop a preferred list of suppliers and on any given month we could be sending them work orders that reach in the tens of thousands of dollars in value.

So, let me ask you, apart from the service or repair requested, are you getting anything in return for referring them hours and days’ worth of work?

  • When was the last time you received a referral from your preferred suppliers or tradespeople?
  • Have you taken the opportunity to ask?
  • Do they have their own investment properties?
  • Do their clients have investments?
  • Would they be willing to refer investor clients into your department?

I challenge you, as a property manager, next time you send out a work order, why not open the lines of communication for a strong referral relationship?

BDM’s – if you have not spoken to ALL of the trades people your Property Managers regularly use, you are missing out on plenty of potential opportunities!

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