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Make your Advertising Standout

Jul 22, 2021

What makes your advertising stand out.

Standardised advertising enables consistency for your brand. Signboards, letterbox drops all have consistency, and brand awareness across the team.

On-brand advertising can also assist any staff, including new staff that may need assistance to make their advertising stand out.  Having strong templates can avoid procrastination, and having brand awareness consistency can assist across the team.  Using on-brand font and colors across all methods of exposure. Every property that you advertise is personalized to your brand.  Consistency in photos also emphasizes your brand.

Set up guidelines for all staff. Look over your templates, there are some not negotiables for all advertising. Be as detailed as possible.

  • Icons
  • Street address
  • Price avoid price ranges – always show price
  • Available date – ensure it is available from now
  • View
  • Contact

Ensure your heading is punchy and to the point. This may include the lifestyle benefits, point out the local icons and benefits of living in this location – Avoid Over Capitalise, and avoid FULL CAPS

The first paragraph needs to be consistent and point out the areas less obvious features of the property, area or local icons. Think about most common enquiries to property, staring including this information, to minimize time-wasting enquiries, ie school zones, cafes, local icons.

Include 4 – 10 bullet points

No exclamation marks! Avoid abbreviations, dlug – there is no reason these days to abbreviate, we are not using space-sensitive advertising anymore.

Use professional photography.  Cost is always a factor, and your Landlord can expect that the leasing can be done without professional photos.  You need to ensure your Landlord understands that we can get a better price, a better quality tenant, make their property stand out from the rest. Reduce the days on the market. Increase the rent, the loss of rent, and the quality of the tenant. Photos can be used for future advertising, so this can cut down on lost time for the next tenancy if you are advertising while a tenant is still in the property. 

Flyers and marketing material, professional photos, and these can then be used to prepare high-quality marketing material.

Take time to label photos including ‘Actual Views, Potential View and Lifestyle shot or Common area. Add labels to your photos to highlight benefits. Monthly gardening included, fully furnished, gas fireplace, school locations, these tags added to photos can be punchier than including all information in just the text.

Virtual furniture, these additions to photos can improve the look and emotional aspect.

Floor plans – videos, walk-through via phone, with a link in the advertisement. Floor plans again can be used moving forward with future advertising.

Review the copy every time, to ensure that there are no changes, is the furniture still the same, and available. Storage is this all available for the tenant to use.

Use the tools available to you, with all of the online platforms that the advertising can be shared. The technology and reach that is available to us in this age is tremendous and at your fingertips.


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