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Aug 19, 2021

We all know that maintenance can take up so much of your time, so why is it necessary?

Homeowners have an asset that is to appreciate, and with each year that passes, the ongoing maintenance can be crucial in the property’s value.

Having a long-term tenant is ideal for any landlord, having the security and peace of mind that your tenant cares for the home. However, when that tenant vacates, what are the reasons for this? 

Has the property been maintained during the tenancy by the landlord?

Having an annual maintenance plan for each of your properties is best practise to ensure that items are regularly checked.  This, in turn, assures the tenant that the homeowner values the property and its tenancy. Keeping the maintenance up to date will ensure that the landlord doesn’t end up with a  vacant property after having a long-term tenant, with a long list of items in desperate need of attention.

Ongoing maintenance during a tenancy is a win-win for all parties.  The homeowner has a well-maintained property, ensuring that the tenant is also appreciative of the constant care.

Prevention is better than cure.

Use the routine inspections to ensure the tenant is caring for the home and the ongoing maintenance of the property. Please communicate with the tenant and ask them for feedback on the home. Are they enjoying living in the home, and what could we do to ensure a long and comfortable lease for them?

Having an open relationship with your trades is also ideal.  Ensure you have an average cost for all generic types of repairs. So when you have conversations with your homeowners, you have already estimated what the small jobs will cost.


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