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Kickstart your Career in Property Management

Apr 14, 2021

When you’re in an interview for a Property Management role, “they” tell you (whoever they are anyway?) that you should never say “I love houses” as your reason for wanting to get into the industry. I love houses, apartments, and everything in between. I love talking about property, looking at it, understanding it. Meeting the people who live in the homes, the ones who bought them, understanding their what and why, and helping them get it. I love it all.

Right now I am fortunate enough to work with the businesses that are the custodians of all of these things I love, and the truth is, they love it too. Property can get in your blood, I wasn’t born with it there, but it’s taken a firm hold.

If you love helping people, navigating the landscape of the “home” and the relationships that encompass it, the Property Management is a great world to play in.  A career that is peppered with the absurd and the unusual, the process and the jack in the box, the highs and the lows, is one that can create a colourful life and a tapestry of memories.

So how can we manage 100’s of relationships, juggle multiple balls, and stay in line with legislation? These are all elements of Property Management that can be taught in theory and in practice and the never-ending learning is what keeps it all fresh.

I love working with newbies to our space, helping them transfer their skills from other industries, teaching, service, retail, and more. The lights go on, and the fun starts, as we unpack humans with their most primal need – security.

There is a comradery in our industry, one that knows we see too much, we see inside the home, inside the life, and we are privileged in doing so. Whether your in the industry already, or looking at a role change, a reminder of why you chose PM or it chose you, is a great way to keep the love alive.


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