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Is Your Pre-Listing Preparation “On Point”?’

When we think about attending listing presentations and appraisals we quite often jump straight into thinking about the moment that we meet an investor at the property. What the best new business professionals understand is that the listing presentation starts well before you meet the potential client face to face.

The impression you make on an investor and the potential to gain their business starts from the first moment that you first have contact with them. Think about each time a potential landlord phones into your office. What questions are you currently asking them? Do you have a pre-listing sheet available?

Gaining valuable information in advance prior to listing appointment serves several purposes:
– it allows you to affectively prepare for your appointment including comparable rentals, prospective tenant lists and case studies

– it demonstrates that you are thorough and organized in your approach

– it allows you to tailor your listing presentation to specific client needs, asking effective questions allows you to understand what information the investor would like gain about your services
When preparing for a listing presentation is important to remember investors have various levels of knowledge and experience, as well as diverse wants, needs and priorities. When preparing for and delivering a listing presentation we need understand and focus on the things that matter – to that client!

Clients priorities may be based on one or several of the following:

– Return on investment

– Ongoing upkeep of the property

– Minimal vacancy

– Tenant selection

– Fees

– Property Manager communication

If the investor has had a terrible experience in the past, we will need to overcome their previous concerns and demonstrate how we are the most effective team to manage the property.

When booking an appointment with a potential investor some additional questions to ask are:

– What would you like to discuss?

– What are you looking for a property manager?

– What price are you looking for?

– Will you be meeting with other agents?

– Have you had the property managed in the past?
Sometimes we can be so focused on what it is that we want to talk about, we forget to focus on what is the client actually wants to know.

Once you have a clear understanding of what to cover off when you meet, make sure you have some tools in place to follow up your set appointment time. Some ideas include:

– Provide pre-listing information about your organisation

– Email an appointment confirmation. HTML and interactive video are a fantastic way to engage the client prior to your meeting

– Send an SMS reminder the day prior to the appointment

– Send a calendar invite

– If the appointment is not face to face, set up a go-to-meeting or provide skype or facetime contact details.

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your Pre-Listing Toolkit? Contact Real Plus today to find out what resources are available to our members.

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