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Is It Time To Look In The Mirror?

There’s no doubt most of us don’t like our negative side to be pointed out.

But the truth is, other people often see differently, or more clearly than we do ourselves, so feedback can be a good thing. As long as it is constructive of course!

Feedback can show you where you may be going wrong, where you are right and how you can improve. No matter how experienced you may be, there is always room to grow.

It’s important to remind yourself of the benefits of receiving constructive criticism. This reminder will help you to meet the expectations that your clients, manager and colleagues have of you.

So how can you take a positive approach?

Firstly, understand the other persons point of view. Don’t get too upset and take things personally. Sometimes we need to have thick skin to make sure that our emotions don’t control out reactions. Feedback is not a disapproval of your character but rather information to help you make a series of better decisions in future.

It’s also important to remember that feedback is a form of communication. If you get feedback from anyone, it means they are giving you feedback on what you are doing for them – this gives you an opportunity to learn more about the person or people you are working for and how can work together more effectively towards the same goal and achieve results as a team.

Of course, feedback assists you with your personal growth, giving you the chance to take an honest look at yourself. It’s often good to look into the mirror and see what others see.


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