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How Do You Make the Invisible, Visible?

It’s easy to make assumptions, when you continually repeat processes and know exactly what you need to do to achieve a result.  Although we deal with property management every day, our landlords may not. So it’s important not to make the assumption that they know what you are thinking or doing.

You need to make the invisible, visible.  It’s important for your landlord to understand what you do and how hard you work to achieve a result for them.

We know that Property Management is about building successful relationships with your clients. From the initial onboarding process and every step moving forward, being transparent, and communicating your processes will ensure your clients understand the expectations, responsibilities and your role in successfully managing their property.

Perhaps you could create a landlord and tenant onboarding process, which outlines exactly what happens and when.

At the end of the day, communication is key. How and when you communicate, being proactive in your approach and having a solutions based focus will ensure you make the invisible, visible for your clients.

Lauren Kirk

General Manager – Training & Consulting

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