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Getting Your Mind Right – Part Two

At Real+ we love working with our clients to increase their skills, build their businesses and work with them to get the most they can out of each day – personally and professionally. Recently I had client ask what I do daily to keep my mind in check and what strategies I use to focus, renew and refresh. As the second part in our two-part series, here is a snapshot of the tools the Real Plus team use for a clear mind and a productive week.

Must read book recommendation:

Fiona Happier – Tal Ben Shar

Heidi Ariana Huffington’s “Thrive” or “The Work” by Byron Katie, to remind us of what is really important.

Janine “Quiet – The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain.

Kate I have to agree with Fiona, who recommended “Happier” (Tal Ben Shar) to me some years ago, and it is a definite stand out. Also on my recommendation list would be “Pulling Your Own Strings” by Wayne W Dyer.

Ashley “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero a good straight to the point modern “self-help” book

Alison The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) We buy all our new team members a copy of this book as a welcome gift.   There really is truth in the power of positive thought.

Robert “The Art of the Deal” – Donald Trump

Michelle Does a cookbook count…Jaime Oliver “Super Food Classics”……saving me lately as I have been devoid of ideas.

Happy Habit or Daily/Weekly ritual that keeps you sane:

Fiona Weekly time out for my meditation – which is actually going to the Gym! I love that me time.

Heidi Either a brisk morning run or 20 minutes of yoga on my balcony

Janine Cooking dinner & Netflix at night J

Kate Getting up with enough time for a coffee and some reading (and guiltily sometimes (always) some Instagram), before I start my day or get ready for work.

Ashley Walking!!! In a world where everything and everyone is constantly moving at such a fast pace, I love to take the time out to walk – not run – and clear my head.

Alison Getting out into nature for a hike is something I try to do every Sunday.  It clears my head and balances me and gets me re-energized for the next big week.

Robert Checking in on Facebook, having a great positive team around you, regular breaks, exploring a new place

Michelle As much as possible walk…anywhere…whatever you can fit in…absorb the park, beach etc and listen to the world….

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