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Getting You Mind Right – Part One

At Real+ we love working with our clients to increase their skills, build their businesses and work with them to get the most they can out of each day – personally and professionally. Recently I had client ask what I do daily to keep my mind in check and what strategies I use to focus, renew and refresh. Broken up over a two-part series, here is a snapshot of the Real+ team and the tools we use for a clear mind and a productive week.

Let’s take a minute to meet some of the Real Plus Team:

Fiona – CEO / Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Lauren – GM / Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Heidi – Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Janine – Operations Manager

Kate Benjamin – Member Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Ashley Bashford – Recruitment Administrator

Alison McGavin– Senior Recruitment Consultant 

Robert Bell – Recruitment Consultant

Michelle Linquist – Recruitment Consultant

What are you currently reading or listening to either a book / podcast / audio book that you would recommend?

Fiona  I remain obsessed with TED and find myself listening to materials from a wide range of areas, learning comes from the most peculiar of places if you only but look.

Lauren I try to listen to a TED talk daily and just watched one on building a human company in the age of machines – It’s great to find ideas and inspiration that makes me think differently.

Heidi Too many! Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which gives an interesting insight into how we got here. Also, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and a Developmental Psychology textbook!

Janine Missing Simmons Podcast

Kate I have just started reading “Manuscript Found in Accra” by Paulo Coelho, but am only a chapter in. I have a long drive into work, so I am much more consistent with audio books and podcasts. Currently my audio book in progress is “The 4 Hour work week” by Tim Ferriss (loving it!). I have a range of podcasts on rotation, today I am listening to “I don’t know how she does it!, which speaks to high profile women about balancing career, motherhood and life in general.

Ashley The book I am reading is Cuckoos Calling (not too sure if I like it yet)

But I have loved listening to Triple J’s Hack program at 5.30pm on weekdays lately. Last night they had a interesting story on Anxiety and the other week they did a story on real estate “getting screwed in the rental market” – apparently new research shows young people are most likely to be discriminated in the rental market.

Alison Avid fan of the Dan Savage Podcast “Lovecast” – it’s a really thought provoking podcast as he discusses a wide range of topics – mostly to do with social conventions.

I try to watch one TED talk per day.  It might be relevant to what I do, or what I want to be, or it could be something completely out of the square that gets the thought juices flowing!

Robert Brian Tracy “The Art of Closing the Sale”

Michelle I am currently reading Chicken Soup for the soul from our Real Plus library – they are always uplifting.

Is there an app or technology tool that has changed the way you handle your day?

Fiona Not anyone app, other than utilising social to stay connected, but I must say I over use my diary for all facets of my life, even to prompt me to call the VIPs in my world.

Lauren Quite simply, my phone! Keeps me organised as well as accessible to everyone and everything I need, especially when travelling. However, remaining connected without being distracted is important.

Heidi The Leaf by Bellabeat, to keep me sane!

Janine Email on my phone allows me to start my day on the bus to work and organise anything urgent before I get in the office

Kate I am a recent apple watch convert – I like being able to see if anything urgent needs attention without fully interrupting my day. I have however turned all notifications off excluding text messages or calls, as otherwise it can be a major distraction. I do also like it when it reminds me I need to “Breathe” or do some extra exercise! (which on both accounts, can be more often than not)

Ashley MyFitnessPal – helps me achieve my current fitness goals!

Alison I love the app SignEasy.  It makes it so easy for clients and candidates alike to sign documentation and return to me without the need for a printer and/or scanner which really speeds the process of recruitment up.

Robert Tripview as I have just recently moved to Sydney.

Michelle ‘Calm’…a lovely app for meditating for 10 mins and sleep stories and music that play for 35 mins as you drift off to sleep…easy to use and not something I would normally buy; however I have been enjoying it very much. (I accidentally purchased a year’s subscription with a fingerprint approval through my phone…… however, best purchase in ages!).

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