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Generation Alexa

It’s no secret that the needs of the consumer have changed.

Our expectations and that of the people that walk through our doors are far greater than ever before. This is something that is not going to change as we transition into a world where AI is a reality.

In a world where we are surrounded by the latest gadgets that beep, jingle and make us slave to the beck and call of others, the human psyche is adapting itself to cope with the new “normal”.

Recently while visiting some friends I listened to my 5 year old and her friend quite confidently and gleefully asking their ‘Alexa’ all manner of questions and giggling away at the responses that she would provide for their ever growing minds. Although I think that she was disappointed that even Alexa and her infinite wisdom could still not provide her with that ever coveted unicorn…. Yet…

This got me to thinking about what the next generation is growing up with and the development of their expectations while growing up in this environment. While humans are thought to have an attention span that is less than that of a goldfish, in the current climate, imagine a world with a generation who is now more informed than ever before and who have minimal patience and have never had to wait.

To keep up with this constant advancement, we also need to be improving our systems, processes and ultimately communication to provide the best possible services to our consumer while not only surviving, but also thriving.

If you were to think about the customer experience provided by you and your office, would it be a seamless experience? Do you ask the customer how they would like to be communicated with? How do you go the extra mile and what steps do you provide to make their lives easier?

The future landscape in a world with Generation Alexa, means that to be experts in the field, we will need to be providing a customised user experience that is seamless, effortless, simple and almost instantaneous.

Now, if you were to think about the future of your office, does it provide for that customer who is after that unicorn?

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